The history of Blythes Garage Ltd

We thought it might be appropriate to tell you a little bit about this family run business. It was started in 1951 by Clifford Blythe and Ralph Clarke, hence the sign on the picture to the left, Blythes & Clarke.

Keith, Clifford's son joined the business in 1958 at the age of 18 and can still be found working in the garage every day, as well as Keith's wife Judith who until a couple of years ago ran the office with Dorothy Hunt who recently retired after 44 years. Clifford and Ralph also ran the Petrol stations in Baldersby for a number of years and in the late 60's Clifford took the garage over whilst Ralph took over the Filling Stations.

In the 80's Keith and his brother Brian took over from their father, running the garage together until 2000 when Brian left the business. The present owner Stuart joined the garage after leaving school in 1987 serving his apprenticeship alongside his Father. So I am sure we can definitely call ourselves a family business.

You won't get a flat screen T.V. in the waiting room or your car washed and valeted but we can guarantee you will get good customer service by a friendly family owned business.

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